Guidelines for Leasing A Warehouse

When leasing a warehouse in Houston consider the following items:

  • How long is the space needed?  Most landlords are not inclined to spend money on improvements if the lease term is limited.Leasing a Warehouse
  • Is rapid growth anticipated?  If you do a deal and need more space within 6 months – while a good problem to have – most landlords will look to hike the rent.
  • Will your product or manufacturing process get a better reception in a different governing jurisdiction? Sometimes certain areas are more business-friendly or accepting of a building’s use and knowing this before the lease is signed can prevent headaches later.
  • Is the lease gross, net, modified gross, etc?  The answer to this question can dramatically alter the rent that’s quoted initially. encounters these issues daily and can provide guidance on these topics and others at no cost to you!  Feel free to contact us for a free lease analysis or with any question related to your office/warehouse needs!