Guidelines for Buying A Warehouse

When buying a warehouse consider the following items:

  • How does purchasing real estate fit into your or your company’s growth strategy?

Buying a Warehouse in Houston

  • Is the property’s primary purpose to facilitate growing the business or building an owner’s retirement nest egg?  It could be both.
  • What is “market” for the property being purchased? Is it overpriced?
  • Are there any limitations on use now or anticipated in the future?
  • What are the positive and negative attributes of the property?
  • What is a typical financing scenario for a particular type of property?
  • Arguably the most important question: how will the property be sold in the future? encounters these issues daily and can provide guidance on these topics and others at no cost to you!  Feel free to contact us for a free lease analysis or with any question related to your office/warehouse needs!